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Akupunkt Massage

I completed my diploma in Remedial Massage in Germany in 1995. During this time of study I was involved in a lot of sporting activities, and my interest stayed mainly with the muscular, skeletal and nervous system of the body. Further studying I included the lymphatic system, reflex zones and treatment of the fascia to my tool box.

But something was missing! I always felt during many treatments on my patients that we aren’t just flesh and bones. A friend of mine is a naturopath from Frankfurt, he suggested to attend a course where I can learn about the energy system in the body. He told me that the treatment is performed with a metal pen. I thought to myself, how could this treatment improve my health. I just couldn’t get my head around the concept, but I was curious about this technique.

Over 20 years ago I attended my first Akupunkt Massage according to Penzel course. We treated each other during the course and this is when I experienced positive changes to my physical and mental health. I felt so good I made my mind up then, to complete all the levels, and knew this could really help my patients and also add to my skills and techniques.

What is Akupunkt Massage according to Penzel (APM) and how does it work?

This technique was developed after the Second World War, by Willy Penzel in Germany.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the basis for this method of massage, which incorporates the knowledge of three millenniums of Eastern therapy and combines them with European therapies, as well as Penzel’s own observations and experiences.

The core of the Akupunkt-Massage according to Penzel (APM) method is the use of the energy system of the Yin and Yang Meridians, as well as their points. The aim is during a treatment to establish an even unobstructed energy flow in the body, by using a specialised metal pen. There are 24 meridians with 12 on each side of the body, and 2 vessels. Another important part of this method is the treatment of the Spinal column; and treatment of scars.


Penzel Pen

      APM metal Pen


 To know where disruptions of the energy flow are, various diagnostic tools are taught during the course.   

The technique involves holding a metal pen in a specific way, the therapist would apply gentle pressure on the pen on the body, and stroke along the meridians to stimulate the energy flow. The intention of the treatment is to encourage the body to strengthen their Self-Healing ability.   

Another part of this technique is the gentle mobilization of the spinal column (facet joints) and the sacroiliac joints. The treatment of scar tissue is also included during the course.

Indications for this technique are acute and chronic pains; especially on the back; all joints, tendons and muscles; functional disturbances – migraines; tension headaches; vertigo; tinnitus; neuralgia; gastrointestinal problems; asthma, allergies.

Turning the clock forwards now, I’m still working as a full time massage therapist in my clinic in Sydney and also teach Akupunkt-Massage according to Penzel courses since 2006. More details about the courses you will find on our website.

By Rene Goschnik

Remedial Massage Therapist/ Athletics Coach

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