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Couples Massage

It’s love month with Valentine’s Day just around the corner and we see adverts for Couples Massages popping up that little bit more. So what’s the appeal of a couples massage?

  • It’s a romantic idea and a bit more unique than dinner and a rose
  • It’s an experience a couple can share
  • A great way to take care of yourselves both as individuals and as a couple at the same time
  • You both end up in a relaxed, blissed out state at the same time (rare in this day and age)
  • Massage causes the release of the hormone Oxytocin (also known as the love hormone, hug hormone, cuddle chemical and the bliss hormone, so, if you are with your partner during a massage, romance will definitely be in the air!

So if it’s so great why don’t more people do it? We took a quick poll around the office from a client’s point of view and got some varied feedback.

  • One thought it was just weird
  • Another had tried it but said it only works if your partner doesn’t talk and ruin it
  • Others would be keen to give it a go if they were on an overseas holiday but wouldn’t think of doing it at home.
  • One was so embarrassed by her partner snoring on the table she wouldn’t do it again!

If you are thinking of offering couples massage, either year round or as a Valentine special here are a few tips to give clients to ensure it is everything they want it to be and get them re-booking for more.

  1. Don’t be late – the whole experience is meant to reduce stress and, when you’re running late, tension and anxiety increases which is a romance killer.
  2. Plan the massage – guide clients into a treatment they will be comfortable with (does that 6ft 4 footy player really like aromatherapy?) Surprise is great for some partners but it may be better to explain the process ahead of time to avoid any awkwardness as well as give them an opportunity to participate in planning the day.
  3. Experience post-massage nirvana – allow a little extra time at the end of the session for the couple to absorb the healing energy and reconnect without rushing them out the door.
  4. Don’t bring problems into the treatment room – leave your mobile in the car, forget about the stress in your work and personal life and be present and appreciate the experience.
  5. Shush! There are no hard and fast rules on talking but most people prefer quiet so they can relax.
  6. Stop worrying about your partner’s experience – although you are there together focus on your own experience. You and your partner will have the opportunity to connect after the treatment.
  7. Get a room … yes really – suggest they book a romantic hotel nearby – you’ve released all those lurve hormones, there’s been soothing music, calming oils and it’s all very relaxing and intimate but a treatment room is no place for hanky panky!

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