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Massage Therapists in Demand

The Healthcare and Social Assistance sector has experienced strong growth over the past decade and is currently Australia’s largest employing industry.

Massage therapy forms part of this field and predictions show the sector will continue to expand. Over the coming years to 2017, employment opportunities are expected to increase with between 10,000 to 25,000 job openings for massage therapists in Australia.

Interestingly in addition to being the largest employing industry, the Health Care and Social Assistance sector is also the largest employer in regional Australia; with more than half a million jobs outside state capitals. Full details of the DEEWR Australian Job Publication are available on their website.

Research shows that people from all walks of life are enjoying the range of benefits massage therapy provides. Not only does massage assist in relieving pain and rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries, it also plays a role in stress management and relaxation which is important within our seemingly increasingly busy lifestyles.

Massage is not only therapeutic for the client, but many therapists are attracted to the profession because it is such a rewarding and satisfying vocation. As Australian College of Massage graduate Robynne Nelson shared: “I know how good massage makes me feel and how healing it is for me to have one; so I love to do the same for others.”

Australia’s population is also growing. The age composition of Australia’s population is projected to change considerably as a result of population ageing. This, together with demographic trends, suggests that while there will be a growing need for primary health care services targeted at children, teenagers and young families, aged care will remain the predominant influence.

Massage therapists can therefore look forward to a bright and busy future as the industry continues to expand in Australia.

The Australian College of Massage (ACM) has been providing nationally recognised massage training for nearly 20 years (est. 1994) and is the largest accredited massage school in Australia. ACM’s aim is to develop well rounded massage professionals with exemplary skills, unsurpassed knowledge and a commitment to excellence in all that they do.

Contact the Australian College of Massage at or call 1300 880 885 to speak to an experienced course advisor about all your massage study questions.

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