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Rub Clients the Right Way

Are you Rubbing your Clients the Right Way?

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck, all alone in your massage room? You’re surrounded by piles of laundry and paperwork and you don’t get a chance to connect in a meaningful way with other massage professionals because you’re far too busy being busy to attend networking events? Do you have burning questions about the daily goings on of your clinic that you just don’t know who to ask? Is it normal to have slow days? How do i get clients to re-book? Is there a LIFE after massage? How do I thrive in this business?

Rubbed the Wrong way is the show for you, a podcast for massage professionals hosted by Kristie Melling. Kristie is a passionate, hard working massage therapist who chats to successful massage professionals, clinic owners, lecturers, business coaches, and generally cool people about how you can be in the business of Rubbing people the RIGHT way! The topics are many and varied and aim to inspire and help you face the challenges and hurdles in your massage business.

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