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Therapist Health & Self Care

We all know that self care is important for massage therapists. Your body is your tool and when it’s worked repetitively, over time, little niggles can become bigger problems. There is a wealth of information on self care available online and through dedicated courses but there are also some really simple things you can implement today to make a difference to your everday health and wellbeing.

Soak Up With Magnesium

According to the National Academy of Sciences, the majority of people are Magnesium deficient. Low levels of Magnesium can lead to heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, stroke and joint pain as well as other health issues and problems.

If you’re an average male, you might be getting only 80% of the Magnesium you require. A study reports that soaking in Epsom Salts is a safe and easy way for the body to absorb Magnesium.

Start taking 2-3 baths each week with Epsom Salts added to warm to hot water in the summer months. In the winter months, the hotter the better and don’t forget to hydrate while you are in the bath so you don’t dehydrate. Try drinking mineral water while you are in there to replenish what you sweat out. Soak for at least 30 minutes and indulge your aching muscles and joints while increasing a vital nutrient within your body.

Limit Energy Drinks If You Have Hypertension

Researchers have concluded that energy drinks may give you not only a jolt of energy but also an elevated heart rate and increased blood pressure.

If you suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease, you would be wise to avoid energy drinks because they could interfere with your medication. Energy drinks tend to have high levels of caffeine and taurine, both of which can affect heart function and blood pressure.

Treat Your Heart

Need a snack during the mid afternoon? Pack a small amount of Walnuts in your bag and munch on them for a heart healthy snack that’s also good for your waistline.

Walnuts help lower your bad cholesterol ( which clogs your arteries and boost your risk of heart attack ). They are also rich in alpha linolinic acid ( ALA ), an omega 3 fatty acid as well as other nutrients including vitamin E, folic and fibre. Like other varieties of nuts, they’ll keep you feeling satisfied until your next meal so you’re not craving junk food.

Need Surgery?

When you’re searching for the best surgeon to work on your injury, ask if he plays video games. Seriously, a study in the Archives of Surgery reported that surgeons who play video games ( gamers ) make 32% fewer errors than those who don’t. Apparently some video games are thought to fine tune motor skills, leading to greater accuracy for people who work with their hands. Gaming skills can boost operating room success, so find out what your surgeon does in his spare time!

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