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Top 10 Tips for Taking That Break

It’s no secret that the next two weeks will probably be hectic for all the massage and beauty therapists out there as literally everyone is trying to look and feel their best for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The Christmas rush means that you need to be as organised as possible to make the most of the busy days. Then, afterward, if you’re lucky enough to get a break, you need to be ready for that too. So channel your inner boy scout and Be Prepared!

1. Do a quick stocktake to make sure you have enough oils, disposable covers, etc to get you through the busy period. And, if you’re closing for a while, everything is stored correctly to extend shelf life.

2. Send out e-mails and/or post on your socials to let your clients know holiday opening hours and when your business will be closed.

3. Pre-schedule a few posts on social media. No one expects you to put up as much content as usual between Christmas and New Year, but a post here and there will keep your clients engaged.

4. If you have staff, double check the days they’re taking off work so you’re confident busy periods are covered.

5. Turn on answering machines and automatic e-mail replies with information on your closing dates.

6. Make sure accounts are all up to date so nothing is nagging at you while you’re trying to take a break.

7. Have a thorough clean up on the last day so you can return ready to start fresh.

8. Make sure any clinic plants are watered or take them home for some TLC.

9. Switch off any unnecessary power suckers while your business is closed.

10. Back up then turn off all computers. There’s nothing like an IT nightmare to ruin the benefits of a relaxing break!

Most of all, try not to take any work home with you. In order to offer the best customer service for the year to come, everyone needs a break to recharge both physically and mentally.

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