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Visceral Massage

Visceral Massage: the natural detox

Greg Morling

 Visceral massage has been part of the medicinal cultures in Europe and Asia since pre-recorded times. Indeed, massage of the internal organs has long been a component of some therapeutic systems in Oriental medicine. So it’s no surprise that natural therapy practitioners in many parts of the world have incorporated massage techniques designed to work with the internal organs and their functions.

Just like skeletal muscles, the smooth internal involuntary muscles and the associated fascia may hold tension. This visceral tension may cause abdominal pain, hip/leg pain, sluggish bowel movement, migraines and even back pain. Non-muscular organs can become hardened. Internal organs and the surrounding fascia can form adhesions which can lead to a deficiency of internal mobility. The liver can be hardened and adhered to the diaphragm. Releasing the adhesions with visceral massage allows the diaphragm to move more easily, so breathing deepens. Liver function may improve as well. Visceral massage is also a genuine detox massage process that expands your range of therapeutic massage modalities.

My own work with visceral massage and the associated techniques began twenty years ago when I used visceral massage to ease sluggish bowel movement for clients who were taking medication for pain relief caused by cancer. The massage techniques I used had such success that I extended the visceral massage work to Parkinson’s patients and all those clients who had respiratory problems.

Visceral massage techniques can also be very beneficial for those who have adhesions following bowel or stomach operations and also be successful as part of liver detoxification. From the Eastern therapeutic perspective, organs may be connected to specific emotions as seen in Tao philosophy.

In all cases, the massage methods employed for visceral massage are very light and involve accuracy and palpatory sensitivity. If you would like to explore this wonderful form of massage therapy contact Greg Morling from Mostly Massage who is travelling around Australia this year giving 2 – day workshops on how to perform this wonderful visceral massage treatment. Visit the Mostly Massage website at for details or contact him on 02 97139256

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