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Welcome to 2022

If I hear the C word (covid) or the phrase “unprecedented times” again I may just scream. It’s 2022 and we all want a fresh start although it’s not turning out to be as clean cut as we had hoped.

There is no question that COVID has left its mark. No matter how you feel about the pandemic and accompanying regulations, the last couple of years have changed all of us as individuals, professionals and businesses.

It’s not all doom and gloom, lockdowns have given us the gift of time, time for reflection, exploration of ideas and interests, education and innovation. It’s presented challenges which have forced us to think creatively to overcome them, making us stronger in the process.

So what does 2022 hold for us as we emerge bit by bit into this changed world? Although I am wary to make any predictions after the unpredictability of the last couple of years, there are some observations I can make.  

  • After so much isolation and social distancing, now, more than ever, people are in need of the healing power of touch. Therapists we have spoken to are busier than ever with longer advance bookings.
  • Of course the harder hit areas suffered a significant drop in business and were forced to close their doors for extended periods but nothing will replace your hands as a massage therapist so your clients will return as confidence returns.
  • The businesses that thrive will have used the downtime to educate, innovate, renovate and elevate themselves to the next level.
  • Therapists need to focus on ways they can deepen client relationships so any future blips in the COVID road become just that, a blip in hands on treatment with the client returning as soon as possible.
  • Staying connected is essential to our health and wellbeing. Just because you may not have been able to see a client in person doesn’t mean you can’t connect with them. A simple text or email to check they are OK will build bonds for the future and create a loyal client base.
  • Now is the time to road test those new marketing strategies you developed during lockdown to help get new clients in the door faster and keep them there.

There remains some unanswered questions about the shape our industry will take once we fully come out the other side of this pandemic. But if we all work together in an environment that is supportive of our industry, our clients and each other then who knows what we can achieve together.

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