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Don’t just Survive, Thrive!

Did you know that more people fail in business than thrive?

Natural Medicine practitioners are perhaps a little more susceptible due to the caring relationship many build with their clients as they engage with them in clinic.

The nurturing and caring side comes out and then you have to put your hand out to take money. Ouch, this seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Care and nurture then charge!

For more than 3 decades, I have been in the occupation of natural medicine, which has included massage, I have seen so many wonderful practitioners fail because they could not take money, and if they did, would often discount their fee.

I started writing short courses, teaching seminars and workshops to help these folks see how important it is to be able to make a living, doing what they love, and feel OK about charging.

I can hear you say ‘I just cannot do it and be comfortable, I have tried yet I always feel not right about taking money’. Well grab a drink (whatever takes your fancy, vodka, wine, water etc) get comfortable and read on.

First and foremost I need to remind you of something that is most important, in fact THE most important point. What you offer is very special. You may be a massage practitioner, reflexologist, reflexognosist, herbalist, nutritionist, natural medicine practitioner or any of the other modalities that exist under the umbrella of natural medicine; you offer time, caring and nurturing.

Exceptional clinical outcomes are achieved. If you are a massage practitioner, then you are really at the coalface of assisting to achieve outstanding clinical results. This is due to the physical and emotional benefits linked to massage.

So here you are folks, walking into your clinic each morning and your clients come to you with hope in their heart, yes HOPE.

In every business mentoring session or course I run, this is one big point I share. HOPE is what you are selling. In fact if someone is giving you money the foundation of the purchase is they HOPE it will do what they think it will do.

Now we have that one out of the way, what is your value to the client? I would expect most will say ‘outstanding value’!

So what if you cannot make it in business and you have to close  because you did not charge a correct fee to cover all your outgoings and have enough left over for a rainy day, holidays etc.

You see it is never about money, it is always about value than cost. The better job you do the more inclined your people will refer family and friends and then their family and friends… you get the drill.

Mechanics, plumbers and tradesmen charge more than many natural medicine practitioners; did that make you sit up and take notice?

So first you need to make sure you have enough clients to keep you going. You need to get out there and meet them. Learn how to do a short talk. OK scardie pants, everyone can learn how to do it. Think about a favourite subject that is linked to your work and that is where you start. Take some lessons in public speaking and get a mentor.

Just remember the one key point to never forget; if you cannot make enough money your clients will not have you to turn to when they need help, so when you put out your hand to be paid for the wonderful work you do, let that little thought linger for a moment.

Find happiness in every moment

Dr Sandi Rogers ED.D., N.D

[email protected],au

You can find further information and book Sandi’s course to help you and your business thrive here

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