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Working from Home

Working from home

There are a lot of advantages to working from home. On the whole, it is a very popular business model for many Australian Massage Therapists.  Unfortunately it’s not just as simple as having a spare room to set up your massage table. 

Here a few things to think about before you start a home based business.

Council Permits:

Every council is different when it comes to home based businesses.  Some will actually laugh when you ask if you need a permit.  Other’s require you to submit building plans, traffic management strategies and have an officer come in and inspect the facility!  Hopefully, you live in a council that is the first, but even if it’s the latter… it is all doable – it’s just a process.

When you do check with your council, be very specific as to what services you will offer.  Massage alone quite often requires no permit, but if you introduce Dry Needling or some beauty services, it is highly likely you will need a permit from the council’s health department.  They will likely visit and check things like floor coverings (no plush carpet) and certain hygiene requirements (sink and tap).


If you are renting your home, this can get complicated.  Before your sign your lease, you may want to check the council permit situation first and then you MUST get consent from the landlord.

Always ask for that consent in writing, and make sure it is stipulated on your lease.  Don’t rely on a verbal ‘that’ll be fine” from a real estate agent.

It may also be worth asking the question if it is permitted on the landlord’s property insurance.  Apparently a lot of landlord’s insurance for residential properties has a clause in small print that actually prohibits home based businesses.  It’s better to be upfront before you sign your lease than it is to assume it will all be ok.


Make sure that your home insurance covers a home based clinic.  Many policies include “home office” situations but you need to add the home based clinic to the standard policy.  Way worth investing in a good insurance broker as there are some good “bundle” deals that can save you a lot of money.

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