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Sub-occipital & Cervico-thoracic Release

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Product Description

Become an industry leader in the diagnosis, treatment and relief of headaches, migraine and conditions causing chronic and acute cervicothoracic pain and dysfunction.

With more than 22,000 hours clinical experience, treating over 30,000 patients, from outback farmers to Olympic athletes, renowned Remedial Therapist, Lorin Nicholson, now shares his vast knowledge and treatment skills in a series of advanced body-work seminars focussed on getting people moving and out of pain.

Workshop Overview:

Module 1 includes:

• 10 hours of hands-on practical tuition

• training booklet

• full training video

• certificate of completion and

• CPE points with all Natural Therapy Associations


Assessment and diagnosis of biomechanical disfunction through advanced palpatory skills at a superficial, intermediate & deep level

• Distinguishing and understanding the cause of numerous different static and homoeostatic states of muscular and soft tissues

• Palpate and assess the biomechanical state of cervicothoracic fascia, muscles and joints at a superficial, intermediate and deep level

• Identify and treat spinal facet restriction at a segmental level

• Understand the connection and relevance between spinal restriction and muscular dysfunction

• Locating the epicentre of biomechanical dysfunction and cause of pain

• Understanding the cause and origin of referred pain, specific to cranium, brachial plexus and thoracic regions

• Recognise and restore muscular-skeletal symmetry relative to age, occupation, injury and dysfunction


Mastering the art of deep tissue muscle therapy, joint mobilisation & spinal release

• Unlocking cervical, suboccipital and upper thoracic restriction using advanced Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy Techniques

• Releasing chronic and difficult complaints with accessible massage and positional release techniques

• Using effective Muscle Energy Technique to restore symmetry and full range of motion throughout the cervicothoracic region

• Advanced joint articulation, mobilisation & spinal release techniques


Myofascial Release Technique

• Feeling the cranio-sacral pulse

• Understanding the role and nature of fascia

• Increasing cervicothoracic mobility & function by using a series of myofascial release techniques

When & Where:

October 25-26  Wednesday 9AM – 4:30PM and Thursday 9AM – 12PM Sports House Townsville 3-9 Redpath Street North Ward QLD 4810

What people say:

“I have worked with many remedial massage therapists throughout my career and Lorin’s anatomical knowledge would be equal to any chiropractor. Not to mention his incredible palpation skills and treatment techniques, which are far and above any massage therapist I have ever met.  Every one of my patients that see him come back raving about how good he is”  Kenn Danielsen-Jensen – Chiropractor

“Without doubt one of Australia’s leading Remedial Therapists.  Lorin truly knows his stuff!” Lyn Pannan – Over 35 years experience Remedial Massage Therapist

“Just completed seminar 1 with Lorin Nicholson.  The course was amazing, informative, relevant and very interesting.  I have learnt many new techniques, which I can use during my client treatments.  Lorin’s teaching skills, knowledge and palpation skills are exceptional.  I feel very honoured to have experienced Lorin’s teachings.  Looking forward to seminar 2.  Highly recommend this course!” Julie Fieldsend – Remedial Massage Therapist

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